The First Sexy Posture Article

The First Sexy Posture Article

Many of the articles on this site are about looking good in the short-term. I’m going to help you look good in the long-term by mixing together some information on musculoskeletal health with a good dose of evolutionary biology. As a species we often take a shorthand approach to processing information. Determining whether another person … Continued

The Bottom-Up Squat

The learning curve on the squat isn’t steep so much as it is deep. In other words: the lower you go, the harder it gets. There are a few reasons for this surge in difficulty. There are also a few reasons why you should be embracing it by squatting from the bottom-up yourself. Gray Cook points … Continued

Enter the Dadbod

A number of our friends and colleagues have asked us about the “dadbod” trend circulating right now. At its helm are celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and John Hamm helping make rounded edges look a little more appealing. Fitness is our stock and trade so the question often centers on what we think of the dadbod. It’s … Continued

Finding Discomfort

Strength training makes people better. Not just stronger. Better in general. That’s something we believe… strongly. Strength training is supposed to be difficult. But perhaps not in the way you think it is. To really respect the process and to treat strength as a skill you have to deal with your weaknesses. You have to get … Continued