If you want to go far, go together. Group classes are included with Hybrid Membership (see Training page for details) and open to the public, pending availability. Not everything here is for beginners so choose wisely.


Say “namaste” with your fists

Skip, punch, and sweat like a MF with Bang Fitness coach Santo Chiappetta.

Classes will pair boxing fundamentals with a boxing work ethic. Learn great mechanics. Hit harder. Move faster. Push the limits of your conditioning.

Coach Santo has had over 30 amateur fights on his record. Those include three provincial titles (in 2 different weight classes). The man knows boxing. And he wants to share that knowledge with you.

Bring wraps and gloves (if you've got 'em).

Class size: ≤8 people


Women's Strength Intensive

One spot left for the April edition of the Women's Strength Intensive!

Six weeks of strength!

Each class will focus on one of the following:

You'll learn technique, push hard, and emerge stronger and more capable than ever before.

Coach Kristy Zimmermann will help women at all levels feel welcome.


Kristy Zimmermann

Metabolic Circuits

Burn fat, get strong, have fun. These classes feature circuit-style training and lots of variety.

This class is accessible to beginners but can be dialed up for any fitness level.

Class size: ≤12 people


Santo Chiappetta and Veronica Morgia

Bad Juju

This is no cakewalk. Steve opens up the Bang Fitness toolkit to unleash a varied and (very) challenging weekly class. Strength and conditioning are both integrated to burn fat and maintain strength.

This is a beginner and intermediate-level class.


Steve Vrbancic

Advanced Kettlebell

It’s called advanced for a reason. This is no workshop. It's where you will push the limits of your own mental and physical endurance.

Kettlebell experience definitely required.


Steve Vrbancic


It’s all about lifting something heavy with just a slight amount of crazy. It’s called Strongman but everyone strong is welcome. These circuits will challenge every dimension of your strength and conditioning as you drag, push, pull, lift and carry heavy things for time. Class size is (very) limited so book this one in advance! Not for beginners.


Steve Vrbancic


Love Strongman training but hate hearing people called “Bro”? Join us for this ladies-only edition. You’ll push, pull carry and press unnaturally heavy objects. Overhead pressing, deadlifting and general strength training experience are strongly recommended. Not for beginners.


Steve Vrbancic

Beginner's Powerlifting

Learn squat, deadlift and bench press technique in a safe, fun environment.


Paul Hynes

Hardstyle Kettlebell

Full power. Geoff takes the extreme focus of hardstyle kettlebell training and applies it here. This is no 45-minute grinder. It’s a combination of high-intensity effort, unconventional rest periods and an opportunity to battle-harden your technique. Some kettlebell experience recommended.


Geoff Girvitz

Bang Fitness Powerlifting Team

Powerlifting asks for everything you have in a single rep. Build technique on the squat, bench press and deadlift during these weekly classes. This class is home to our competition team.


Paul Hynes