• I genuinely look forward to my workouts here. There is no other place like this in the city and I’d recommend it to anyone.

    Chris Barless
  • Not sure why more gyms don’t work this way—the assisted training and regular coaching is amazing.

    Chris Houston
  • Everyone at Bang Fitness makes me feel really welcome! They’ve created a gym atmosphere that I don’t dread going to—I actually look forward to it.

    Eve Sohn
  • I have been pain free so long because of Bang that I have forgot what it was like to have pain.

    Jameel Bharmal

Strengthen your PROCESS

Train meaningfully to live meaningfully. Membership at Bang Fitness begins with the physical but will ultimately help you become the best version of yourself.


After 10 years and working with thousands of people, we have developed a system that translates movement and physical fitness into a language that anyone can become fluent in.

We start by assessing and building the fundamentals. These are the universal components of every successful approach.


Next, we customize training to fit your unique combination of interests, genetics, learning styles, and lifestyle demands.

It’s not easy. But you don’t need easy; you need something meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable.


As you evolve, we help you build tools for high-level performance. The process is physical, but what you learn will contribute to mastery across all areas of your life.

Throughout this entire journey, our skilled team of coaches will provide support, accountability, and an outside perspective. And our incredible community will make it easy for you to show up and do the work.

Hybrid Training Rates:

1-2x/week – $337/month

3x/week – $377/month

4-6x/week – $427/month

No sign-up fees, no cancellation fees, and month-to-month membership. Getting started is easy.

Learn about the four pillars of our approach here:


Calories come and go but, just like riding a bicycle, movement sticks with you. For us, it's foundational. From basic mobility to advanced technical skills, a movement-first approach means more training options, improved results and a lower risk of injury. Time at Bang Fitness will impact the way you move for the rest of your life.


Strength is for everyone. It supports every other goal, from fat-loss to athletic performance. It makes progress more efficient and results easier to maintain. And it feels amazing. We’ll help you get strong. Safely and sustainably.


Imagine an entire community that wanted you to succeed. From a flexible, sensible membership structure to a welcoming, inclusive group of people . . . Everything at Bang Fitness is designed to bring the best out of you. That’s what you’re a part of. Every time you come in.


When you know precisely what to do, the only remaining challenge is to do it.

Be part of an environment that will help you gain clarity, elevate your performance, and make consistency easy.


Geoff Girvitz

Head Coach

Kristy Zimmermann

Senior Coach

Jeremy Fernandes


Pedro Malvar


Vivek Padhiar


Steve Vrbancic

Personal Trainer

Stephanie Girvitz

Membership Services Director

Dr. Alex St. Pierre