• I genuinely look forward to my workouts here. There is no other place like this in the city and I’d recommend it to anyone.

    Chris Barless
  • Not sure why more gyms don’t work this way—the assisted training and regular coaching is amazing.

    Chris Houston
  • Everyone at Bang Fitness makes me feel really welcome! They’ve created a gym atmosphere that I don’t dread going to—I actually look forward to it.

    Eve Sohn
  • I have been pain free so long because of Bang that I have forgot what it was like to have pain.

    Jameel Bharmal



Fitness needs to fit.
You don’t need to sacrifice your knees or shoulders or low-back on the altar of fitness. That just doesn’t make sense. For us, fitness is something that supports and enhances everything else you do in life. Less pain. More energy. And the ability to truly deliver the goods–no matter what your goal.

“Just don’t do it,” is a terrible slogan.
If your body doesn’t feel great, you don’t need passive rest. That’s simply not how human physiology works. When we stop moving, it’s lights out, baby. The human body heals best when it’s challenged to keep moving and keep adapting.

Strength is for everyone.
You don’t need to be a physical phenom to be strong and fit. You need an opportunity to learn the kind of movements that fit your body and goals. And then you need to put them to work. This isn’t easy. But nothing truly worthwhile ever is.

Awareness, skill, and conscious movement build durability.
At Bang Fitness, we’ll assess your movement habits, retool your mechanics, and help you handle more than you ever thought possible.

The world feels lighter when you’re strong as hell.
When your workouts build you, instead of beating you up, training will make sense and life’s stresses diminish. You’ll feel strong, capable, and able to handle whatever life throws your way.



Learn about the four pillars of our approach here:


Movement is foundational. Calories come and go but, just like riding a bicycle, movement sticks with you. From basic mobility to advanced technical skills, movement means more training options, improved results and a lower risk of injury. We’ll help you build the type of movement that will impact training for the rest of your life.


Strength is for everyone. It fuels every other goal, from fat-loss to athletic performance. It makes progress more efficient and results easier to maintain. It’s not the whole story but it’s an essential part. We’ll help you get strong. Safely and sustainably.


Imagine a place where everyone wanted you to succeed. From a membership structure dedicated to consistency and performance to a welcoming, inclusive group of people . . . Everything at Bang Fitness is designed to bring the best out of you. That’s what you’re a part of. Every time you come in.


Achieve your results with a team. Coaching, program design, nutrition and clinical expertise—all within a fun, motivating environment. We’ll provide you with the plan, the support and the foundation to create lasting change.


Geoff Girvitz

Founder and Head Coach

Kristy Zimmermann

Senior Hybrid Coach

Jeremy Fernandes

Hybrid Coach

Pedro Malvar

Hybrid Coach

Vivek Padhiar

Hybrid Coach

Steve Vrbancic

Personal Trainer

Stephanie Girvitz

Membership Services Director

Dr. Alex St. Pierre



Chief Motivator